A New Dawn. A New Indian.

Welcome to IND.

A portal for the changing face of Indian. You may think you have seen this before, an empty promise of progression, but this is different. We are different. Years of slow development and quiet hard work have culminated in this moment. A new dawn, an awakening of a nation, 60 years in the coming. Every moment, every loss, every victory has led us to this. 
As the world moves to embrace new cultures and people, the gaze of many is turning East. With Asia rising as a global hub for commerce, health and innovation, a new identity is being created. A youthful confidence, ready to show the world just what it can do. It may stumble slightly, and learn as it progresses, but make no mistake this is something globally significant.
We are strong, intelligent and immensely hardworking. We strive to succeed in all industries and trade. We believe in embracing ancient values and adapting with new ones. 
Open hearted and immensely proud with a burning fire of desire in our eyes.

Welcome to IND and welcome to the New Indian.