“Words have a great power, they Inspire, Transform and Unite. They can move people and stir their inner emotions.”

Welcome Shri Narendra Modi.

You are possibly here from seeing our advertisement at the UKWelcomesModi ceremony at Wembley Stadium, London. If so, then I welcome you. I would like to also welcome a man who I greatly respect and admire. He has single handedly changed the image of an Indian politician. He is strong and well spoken, never afraid to stand for his views. Many have accused him, damned him and mocked him. Yet here he is, coming to the UK to meet the 1.5million indians who have settled here. A man who is in the top 10 most influential people in the world. He is the number one voted for politician in the history of mankind. Oh and the second most followed person on Twitter, after a certain Mr Obama. 

He has taken the global perception of an Indian and tore it up, coming out with a new beginning. Indians have a force to lead them, a strong man, who only dreams of change. 

The corrupt and often backwards ways of thinking are slowly disappearing. Law and order is beginning to take shape. True development is happening. Electricity is available, clean water is running, homes and hospitals are being built. This is a man who makes astounding promises and keeps them. He has travelled to many nations to see many leaders. Every single one of those visits have been a success. He is a global phenomenon, a man who I am immensely proud to call Indian, to call Gujarati. From a humble tea-boy, to one of the most powerful men on the planet, his progression and rise to glory is truly inspiring.

I would like to welcome, a man who stands for all that is great about being Indian. Impeccably dressed, well spoken and strong. He is proud of where he has come from and is certain of the success that he will achieve. I welcome a man who inspires me, and has the backing of one billion. He is the face of India, eyes determined, standing tall and not forgetting that fantastic beard! I welcome a man who can truly bring about change and success.
I salute you. I support you. I welcome you, Shri Narendra Modi. 

The Western Indian for India.

The world is slowly getting smaller. With flights going to nearly every destination daily, borders and boundaries are slowly disappearing. Gone are the days where were restricted to just doing business in one local area. I am typing this as we speak, sitting in a hotel lobby in Central London, while the reader could be sitting in on a motorbike on the bustling streets of Gurgaon in Delhi. Or Dubai. Or Dallas. You understand what I’m saying.

Indians have spread the world over, settling into new communities as professionals, workers, carers and have bought retirement homes. With this dispersion, we have adopted many new cultures and integrated well with local communities. This is what i believe sets aside Indians from many others; we are a people who are respectful enough to adapt and live peacefully. If you are looking for a real life definition of tolerant, look at an Indian.

From this has grown a new term, The Western Indian.

Born abroad, but unmistakably Indian. We have been brought up alongside many different nationalities, rising to form well educated and tolerant individuals. We may be english speaking westeners, but many of us have India in our hearts. We still call ourselves Indian, before mentioning the term British or American. Western Indians are vital to the progression of India. We have the correct thinking to strive for rules, well mannered discussion and luxury. We demand only the best healthcare and expect the highest level of service. This slowly brings about further development and progression. It is through this that many western nations are progressing, due to the demand for better services, better internet, better sanitation. India could learn from this. 

This is why I believe that the Western Indian plays such a key role in the development of India. A land full of opportunities and surging with such energy, India is truly a great nation. But in all honesty, it has a long way to come. I am getting tired of the constant promise of progression. Being told it is a sleeping giant. I want change now. It is up to us to bring about this change. The leadership of Narendra Modi will go a long way to helping India progress. But Namo needs us too. We should be striving to help India develop, and rise up. Using our skills and knowledge from out western education and western living, we must show our Indian brothers the path to progression. There will be much to gain from this. Helping humanity is a key aspect of being an Indian. There will be much to gain financially too, this will come through the selfless dedication in helping the progression of India. 

A highly skilled workforce, a one billion strong nation, an economy that could truly change the world. The world needs India, but most of all, India needs its Indians.

Modi in NY

Its all over the news, Narendra Modi is currently visiting the US to bolster ties with Barack Obama’s government. Some say it’s too early for Modi to be visiting the US, while others are glad he is taking a pro-active measure in reaching out to the US. Whichever way you see it, this visit will help to bring in billions of dollars worth of business to India, as well as show the world that India is a country where the top companies can settle and grow.

During his visit, Modi will meet the top CEOs of American corporations, such as those of Boeing, Goldman Sachs, and Bloomberg. Bringing these companies to India will help aid growth, bilateral business as well as provide thousands of jobs. Yes there are Indian companies who make planes, run banks and have news stations, but learning from their American counterparts will be a useful lesson. Call it a type of finishing school.

The effect of having these multi-national corporations in India is great. Bringing in talent, leaders and organisers, mixed with raw Indian work power, this is surely a formula for success. Indian-American joint ventures would have years of experience mixed with new energy. As Modi said, this is the time for Asia, this is the time for India. As a honeypot for global corporations, India is right to bring in American companies to build in India. An open global market, free from corruption is exactly what India needs. That old image of a corrupt and closed Indian market is slowly being torn up. This will help the country to grow, from the inside outwards. That can only happen by bringing the outside corporations, in.

After watching his opening speech at Madison Sq Gardens yesterday, I was astounded at the level of support he received. Was he in New York or New Delhi?! This just proves that the power and belief behind Modi is something that cannot be ignored. I hope he really does shake up this nation into rising up and becoming something great. The level of coolness and composure he showed was incredible, something that has not been seen in an Indian PM for decades. This is a man who is assured enough to travel to a country that denied him a visa and make them fall at his feet. He is strong enough to look these billionaire CEO’s in the eye and drive a hard deal with India’s best interests at heart. He is a man who is so with the times, always placing the youth of India at the forefront of his policies. This is a man who is not afraid to show his love for India. While the former PM would dither his way through public appearances, Narendra Modi is brilliant, bold and brave.  The world watching? A packed 30,000 spectator arena? Live feeds projected onto screens at Time Square? Nothing will faze Mr Modi, the opening words of his speech shows just this..

“Bharat Mata ki Jai”

Fashionably Indian.

Like the term? You’d better get used to it, ‘cause its going to stick. So what exactly is it? Is it a an Adjective? A Verb? Not quite. It’s a presence of mind, a way to dress, to do business and succeed. Its a lifestyle.

So what makes somebody Fashionably Indian? Its an inner strength, that no matter what adversities may lie ahead of you, you will have the power and ability to overcome them. You will have such a positive force, that any obstacle that comes in your path will be obliterated.

You will stand tall, with a saffron glow around you, a shield of positive energy that protects you, guides you and brings you only victory. Fashionably Indian is a state of mind. Purely focussed, immensely refined. You are the best that you can be. You must always aim for the highest level of success and set about ways to achieve your goal. With this mindset anything you wish for is possible. Many of you may look at hugely successful people and wish for your ‘lucky break,’ well let me tell you this; there is no lucky break. They are out there constantly opening themselves up to opportunities that this great universe can shape for them. Only by thinking correctly, with such affirmations of success will you achieve your most greatest of goals.

Fashionably Indian is a mixture of Eastern thinking with Western living. It is a culmination of all that is good. Finally after centuries of struggle and determination the brilliant Indian will emerge. An Indian who is bright, strong and proud. You will love the world around you, your community and your people. You will work hard to make your world the best it can be, making it better for yourself as well as those around you. Help those in need, and this motion of positive energy will bring about great change.

So get ready. Rise up and show the world just who you are. There will be haters and naysayers of course. And those that mock you. But you’re ready for that. So pop your collar and stand tall. Got that IND in your heart? Good. You just became Fashionably Indian.